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  292) Gicleenot aus Gicleenot schrieb am 27.März 2017 um 14:23 Uhr:
E-Mail: smellofskyr@mail.ru
ICQ Nummer: 145511447 ICQ Nummer: 145511447

Good Morning!

Understanding Giclee Prints for modern home wall decor.

Giclee (zhee-klay) - The French word "giclee" is a feminine word that means a spurt of liquid. The word may have been borrowed from the French verb "gicler" meaning "to squirt".

Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas and photo-base paper.

[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gicl%C3%A9e] Giclee is a neologism coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. The name formerly applied to fine art prints created on Iris printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any inkjet print. It is usually used by print shops to suggest high quality printing. [/url]

Giclee prints are helpful to artists who do not find it appropriate to mass produce their work, but want to reproduce their art on-demand.

Numerous examples of giclee prints can be found in New York City at the [url=http://www.metmuseum.org/]Metropolitan Museum[/url], the [url=http://www.metmuseum.org/]Museum of Modern Art[/url] and the [url=http://chelseagallerymap.com/]Chelsea Galleries[/url]. Recent auctions of giclee prints have fetched ,800 for Annie Leibovitz, ,600 for Chuck Close, and ,800 for Wolfgang Tillmans.

[url=https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/499145844/giclee-art-print-n-18-contemporary-art] These days you can order authentic Giclee poster at Etsy shops.[/url]

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  290) LstrNini aus LstrNini schrieb am 19.März 2017 um 05:59 Uhr:
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  285) LstrNini aus LstrNini schrieb am 7.März 2017 um 09:50 Uhr:
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